Common Maintenance Work Around The Office

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A job that no one appreciates of understand or even gives a second thought to are the janitorial and maintenance staff workers. These people are in some sense the unsung heroes of this modern era because without their invaluable services out office spaces would not be as attractive as they are now. However sadly these are the individuals that no one really cares about and these are the people who get paid the worst and treated the worst.

In most cases these jobs are held by old people who are desperate for money and will do anything to earn a few extra bucks. These old gentlemen and ladies work for minimum wage and have to call sir and madam to even the interns who in turn sometimes treat these people as dirt. Therefore, let us take some time to see how important these maintenance and janitorial work really is. Firstly, these people are involved in cleaning up after us.

Sometimes the messes we ask them to clean are truly horrendous and sometimes plain not fair. Like making a mess in the toilet and asking them to clean up. However, their more mundane and routine work includes tasks such as duct cleaning and cleaning out the floors and garbage. These are thankless jobs that most of us would never be able to do in a million years. it is possible to say we have lost all appreciation for this work of theirs because without them we would be living in a pig sty.

The other area of work that they do is the maintenance work that is routine and done after everyone has gone home, so as not to disturb people. This means that people working on duct repair or plumbing requirements are often mistaken for bond villain like crooks who are privileged to access a lot of good medical care. This is what this topic is about, not taking away from people but trying to enlighten people on the many items that we take for granted that are of immense value.

This is a smart statement and a bold slogan in a city where the almost everyone is on “important” side of the job. This is the one where is no one pays any respect for the people doing the real hard labor. Therefore, it is important to take a few minutes every day to acknowledge the person who appears to have a less superior job doing tasks that you would not even dram of doing. If we can achieve this, then we will be able to make a slightly better place in the world.